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Corrugated Box Plants

Corrugated boxes plants are supporting the industry, well before the plant pre-market research and feasibility studies, to fully take into account the future of the enterprise customer base to support orders to determine the plant size and overall corporate positioning.

Plant’s feasibility study include: customer base of current and future demand and market outlook forecast; plant investment capital budget; factory located sites and the determination of the scale of investment; factory’s layout; production equipment procurement orientation; staffing and organizational structure set up. Customer base of current and future demand and market outlook forecast

Customer base of current and future demand and market outlook forecasts, an enterprise to obtain support for the development of pre-orders of protection, on the healthy growth of new enterprises play a crucial role in determining the success or failure of business investment.

Factory premises and set the scale of investment
As the supporting industries, corrugated box plant as the general election address important customers in surrounding areas, to facilitate the matching package services to meet the growing popularity of real-time delivery, which is a number of corrugated box plants in recent years started to build the plant off-site the main reason.

Internal production logistics as liquidity requirements, general requirements for corrugated box factory covers an area larger than the small area would seriously affect the efficiency of business logistics flow, thus affecting the production efficiency and product delivery to limit sales growth.

Making corrugated boxes plant to determine the scale of investment, we can predict the future according to market research sales to consider, under normal circumstances, the appropriate area is proportional to sales, according to annual sales of 30 million can be per corrugated box plants need to plant 1 million square meters area in proportion to investment, that is, below 30 million annual sales in the corrugated box factory covering an area of 1 million square meters set as appropriate; sales to reach 1 100 million yuan, covers an area should be more than 30,000 square meters; to reach more than 100 million in sales, the proposed design for the area around 50,000 square meters, it is a good business plant and green planning. Plant layout during the planning of the layout factory ahead of time to do the following three aspects of preparation, it should be highly valued.

The one hand, the circuit design of the plant, to be fully determined according to the equipment requirements set positioning device electrical circuit traces and lighting circuit power alignment. On the other hand is the design of fire facilities throughout the plant, reasonable to install fire hydrants, sprinkler systems or fire water, good fire safety work. The third aspect is the design of waste pipeline. As a corrugated box factory, in the production process more waste generated for the purification of the scene, raising the production on-site management, we must ensure the smooth transport waste.

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